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Authors on Facebook: How changing algorithms impact access to readers

Authors on Facebook: How changing algorithms impact access to readers Logo

On January 11th, 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will once again be changing it's news feed algorithm. This will suppress publisher and brand posts and instead highlight friends and family posts. The purpose is to create a more meaningful experience when one is on Facebook and, potentially, decrease the amount of time that individuals spend on the site. While this may not significantly impact big business, it could potentially impact the reach that authors have when trying to connect with readers and ensure that they inform their market of writing news, upcoming releases, book signings, etc. I have already had two authors express such concerns. As such, we would like to study the Facebook data for authors who use it for this purpose and the readers who connect with them through their Facebook pages. The goal is to identify how authors are using Facebook, identify changes that occur in their reach when the algorithm changes - and note if the changes are good or bad for authors and readers, and develop potential avenues in which authors can still reach their audience. We also hope to inform Facebook of the impact of this algorithm change on groups like authors.

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Connie Barber (Owner)